At first I thought I was just hearing things. you know the neightbours through the walls, orthem slamming their doors. But then it changed. It got worse closer. right there with me, in the room. It didn’t matter if the room was quiet, or the tv was on loud or I had my I-pod blaring in my ears. I could still hear it. first muffled, strange like I couldn’t make out what it was saying. but sudden and right in my ear like some one had snuck up on me. startaling me and scaring the crap out of me. I could hear my doors open and slam shut when I was the only one home. now I sware I he my name being called. I’m doing the laundry and I got my I-pod blaring and even over the loud music in my ears I can hear a male voice call my name. it scares the hell out of me, I turn around and I’m all alone. I’m cleaning the house doing the dishes well my kids are at school and I sware I can hear little girls giggling calling mommy. God I’m loosing my mind. I haven’t told anyone I’ve been hearing things. This has never happened before. not like this. I looked it up on the net and all I found was…

Audio hallucinations in the context of bipolar disorder are part of the criteria from the DSM-IV-TR (p412) for Severity/Psychotic/Remission specifiers, used to indicate the presence of delusions or hallucinations during the current episode of a patient from the clinician’s position (meaning, the DSM-IV-TR is intended for providing the essential elements (criteria) to correctly give a diagnosis for medical professionals qualified to provide such & authorized to recommend and oversee treatment.)

Just what the H*ll is that suppose to mean to me. Have I lost my mind? I don’t feel manic? Besides these hallucinations I’ve been surprisingly in control. Dear god is the TV going to start talking to me next?

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  1. between_extremes 12 years ago

    I haven”t experienced much in the way of audio hallucination, but I do suffer from delusions and visual hallucinations.  My doctor prescribed an antipyschotic drug called Risperdyl, and a generic is available.  It cleared the delusions and hallucinations right up, and could be helfpul for you, too.  If you have insurance, you should try seeing a doctor and getting a med for your hallucinations.  From what I”ve read, they can get worse and worse, up to the point where the voices tell you to kill yourself!  It is serious business.

    I know a lot of people think their insurance won”t cover psychiatry but you might be surprised.  A lot of laws have been passed that require insurance companies to provide the same level of coverage for biologically based mental illness as they would any other illness.  It is worth checking out.


    Good luck.




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