Im not a teacher or a wise persson, all i know is someone somewhere created a group of amazing supportive people the lgbts , which has helped many of us in becoming more comfortable in our own skin. i dont speak for every lesbian but i know a few of you will know what my brief rant is going to be connected to straight guys..NOT ALL OF THEM. this inst an attack but an eye opener for new lesbians coming out the closet. There is guys i call “pestors” this is a word i came up with. but these guys will say stuff like “ive turned lesbians”, “i can turn you” or the worst ..”maybe you haven’t had the right guy”…like no i haven’t had the right guy BECAUSE I DONT FIND MEN ATTRACTIVE REMOVE YO ASS. Lesbians Love your self dont like guys like this make you do things your not comfortable to do. SO LESSON ONE- no matter how much they push you stick up for yourself , because ive been in that position many times and it dont feel good, just know them guys prowl on everybody, every age and every sexuality and religion, they are not nice people but will go through any means necessary to make you subject yourself to them , touch you , kiss you and even take you if you give them any chance to. so just a full notice to protect yourself , protect your daughters DADDY because men be on the hunt and they be searching for that pom pom if you hear me hunni. i really hope someone somewhere read this and got out of  bad situation because i took the time to warn them about it. SO QUEENS im new on here this is my first ever blog – BET IT WAS DOPE 😉


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