Lies – by Me

As i site here all alone

I have no soul

I have no home…

All I see around me

Comes crashing down

I am blind, I cannot see…

I cannot feel anything

But the pain inside of me

This world is to much to take

I am afriad I may break…

I sit here in complete darkness

Isolated from the world

This is my life now

As it will be forever more…

The only real love I have

Is the painful love I get from my blade

Locked away inside

With all of my lies…

So now it would be best for me for to go

I have no real choice

I cannot grow

I am dead inside

Cold and lost…

I hope you can forgive me

Is I have no forgiveness

Left to give…

This is not me

And will never be

Forever more…

All I seem to do is cry

Iam a lie…




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