Letting go…

Ironically we spend most of our lives acquiring things.

I think we can all attest to that feel good feeling of when we have something new in our lives….a new toy, new gadget, new job, new relationship, new home etc… We recognize the high we get from those moments, the adrnaline that coarses through our veins. 

Now imagine the opposite….losing your favorite toy, gadget or job….having your home taken away, relationships falling apart.  That same surge that went up is now coming down, but the only difference is we are now dealing with sadness instead of happiness.   This challenge is making it difficult to eat, breathe even talk to people let alone cope with what has to be done…yes, let go.  Where does one start?  What does it mean?  Move forward…what the hell do they think I’ve been trying to do all this time?  I went from no emotions, to sadness being a layer of skin.  Someone breathes on me it hurts.  So if anyone has the answer, the ever magical answer and I know u don’t no worries…I find myself begging myself at times…can’t kick myself in the ass, can’t reach.    But seriously is that what i need to do to let go of the sadness.  Forget what’s been done to me in the past to move forward?  If so, how?  Tried so many things.  There are so many god forsaken theories out there, how is one supposed to know which way to turn?

Needed to just let it out. Sorry if it makes no sense.



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