Im so fed up with myself; i cant go on like this

my life is terrible and i cant control it; man i say fucc this [email protected]#t

Im crying so hard and i cant stop; i hate my fuccn life

i try to put up with it, but i will not live a lie

i feel like getting a knife nd stabbing myself through the heart

i cannot deal with this world and am ready to depart

fucc this world man cu it brings out too much pain

in my mind im not going crazy because im way past insane

i hate my life because its not like im going to be successful

because i dont know what my plan is so yea that is distressful

i wanna fuccn die; maybe a shard of glass?

and its strange to me that i can know that this is my last

time that i can try and maybe i can succeed

im depressed, agitated, iritated and stressed

people constantly tell me that i need to be thankful i am blesssed

but what is there to be thankful for i am drowning in the ocean

i wake up every morning on time but i just go through the motions

I cannot find a way to ignore my thoughts of my past

but every single thought is like another belt across my back

i try to get away but its like it drags me down

im stucc, im not able to get up, im sinking in the ground

damn- its all depressing me more than you could ever know

im stuck in my own misery and dont know where to go

no friends, home, anywhere that will take me in

im hopeless man; im so caught under my life and all its shyt

im supposed to write some happy poems but i do not see that option

when i am not feeling that way; i dont write poetry for nothing

dis place is gonna drive me crazy with all its rules and regulations

you might a well just punish me now with all the rules im breaking

all i can say is fucc this place; i really feel like shyt

all thoughts of staying here again has already diminished

i give to others and recieve nothing; why when i am so caring?

i try my best ot be more assertive and agressive, but i am not so daring

this shyt thats going through my mind is going to keep me awake

i hate being so vulnerable and crying – my fate.


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