Life….it sure is funny, isn't it. I mean one day you're walking around without a care in the world and the next thing you know and with just a few simple words your whole world just shatters into the smallest of pieces.

One day everything is perfect and within seconds you've gone straight to jail, you didn't pass go and you don’t get to collect $200!

You go thru the denial of it all…refusing to believe that this has happened to you..YOU of all people, a devoted spouse and parent…THIS can't happen to people like you! Ha! It doesn't care who you are or how much money you have…it only cares about the stupid choices you have made…even if only on rare occasions…and sometimes it only cares about the one you married's stupid choices…you still get to pay the penalty for it!

So…LIFE….goes on and eventually you figure it out or most of it anyway. You've now learned that you MUST comply or you WILL die! Cryptococcal Meningitis and several bouts with pneumonia has taught you that. And then there's the 4 1/2 month coma…that you almost didn't make it thru…we can't forget that!

Do I sound angry? Well, I'm not…I've never really been angry about it…just scared to death and confused….really confused for quite a long time.

Waking up from the coma…going thru the extreme pain of getting my life back to normal…that really woke me up!

I’ve had issues with taking my meds on time…never have been a pill person! I’m doing much better now…trying really hard to keep on track. I have a few of you…my friends on here, to thank for that! So, thank you!!! 🙂

I wake up each day grateful to have opened my eyes one more time! I remain positive about the future, by letting the past go…

I am looking forward from now on….and I see great things happening.

Don’t really know where I’m going with this…just felt like writing! lol

Thanks for listening! 🙂

  1. Author
    toosad 10 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your views with us. I am so hurt by the past I know I need to let go . It makes me too sad. I am trying to live for today…and tomorrow… I thank God for what I have, and am trying to be happy and content. Love to live and dream. And would love to live the dream.

    "here's dreaming of you kid". 🙂


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  2. Author
    TheTruth1997 10 years ago

    I’ve NEVER been mad…or gotten even! Hard to get even with doctors that ONLY tried to save your life with a blood transfusion! lol Just hurt…. But I DO grab life and dance…EVERY chance I get!!! 🙂

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