I had a great weekend, got of work early blew home and got changed an went to the club whhere i work to see that new Fella iv ment. Had a greet night, went back to his house after (not for the kind of thing i know ur thinking of now though) and we just sat an talked for hours!!!!!!  just like we have done every time iv mer up with him. Im actually happy, get a smile on my face thinking of him but its not the same smile when i think of Mr. X (The love of my life iv blogged about a few times) but never the less i still get it and really really like him. He has this way he talkes to me,just like he is REALLY talking to me not just watch words come out of my mouth and give a few grunts in acknowledgement. He is a good person with a kind heart (u know when u can just tell) and i know about him from other peopel who all seems to love him, when we were oout the other night a 5 min walk took a hal hour cos of all the people stoppin an wantin to talk to him and he has a past too just like i do,  (not an addictive one but something like that)   but iv actually told him a little about the drugs and he is cool with it. I know it may sound like im reaally hopping in here with both feet and the 2 arms aswell but im not as this has happenend all over the course of the past 2 weeks and i decided in myself with the help of my cool  buddys here that  il only tell someone if  I feel the need, if I feel comfortable and right with it  and with him i didnt  even THINK about it, i just wanted him to know,me, the real me, past – prestent and future. Not that im goin to let any of that crap from the past fuck up the good life i have at the moment.

Everything is really good at the momment, im happy being 'friends' with this guy, im happy in my work and im happy at home! the only thing is my doctor but u all know the stpry there so i womt get into it again an bore you! Just to update u witht the situation there though im down to 9mls, wil be going to 6mls tomorrow! (obviously happy about that…. and a bit scared seen as i was so sick on monday with the withdrawels) I went to a normal family docotr down here too thats nothing to do wit the clinic and told him everything so he sorted me with a few tablets and im feelin much much much better with them, sleeping patterns are a bit fucked up but thats to be expected isnt it anyway!!!

Im driving 3 years with what we call a 'provisoinal licence' here in ireland, its basically for people whp havent done an actual test but iu get it to learn to drive etc. so anyway i have my full test this sat morning!!!!!Iv done 4 pre-test lessons and have annother 2 before then so hopefuly il pass it! If not it wasnt expensive to do (€40) so it will be good experience…but i hope i pass anyway!!!!


Well thats all the news  i have anywya and for once it all seems to be good  hope eveyones doin good, lv ya's xxx


P.s – Did anyone notice i LOVE the new smileys hahahaha


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