The Ledge:

These people are bound by ridiculous principles, yet they are unable to do the things that these principles deem important. They say that family is the most important thing, but they rarely practice what they preach.

     I don’t know if they don’t see, if they can’t, or if they choose not to. Why would they? Instead of coming to terms with the facts, they can go on living their lives oblivious to the real problems that surround them.

    Here I am, dangling from this ledge, in full view of the others, yet not once have they reached a hand down to pull me up. I used to try to get their attention, using all my strength to hold on with one hand, while waving the other in my attempts to get help.

     I remember once I called to another, in the distance. She was my last hope, and she ran to pluck me from the edge. She stuck out her hand and grabbed on, holding on as tight as I could, knowing that it was the last time I would get the chance to be saved. But, for some reason, still unknown to me, as she began to lift me up, I let go, choosing to remain in harm’s way. Perhaps this was because I was afraid, or maybe it is because I was still waiting for those who had only given me empty promises of love.

     I remember reaching out to my mother, who I needed so desperately, and for a moment she seemed concerned, and attempted to reach out her hand only to snag it away at the last second, proclaiming that my struggles were false, and that I could pull myself from the edge if only I let go of my unnecessary concerns.

     Sometimes I wish that I would just let go. Maybe they would see, someone would see, and come to rescue me from death. Maybe my date with gravity would bring me to an end, so that I no longer needed to struggle to hold on.

     Perhaps they would still pretend not to see, and would go on enjoying their lives of ignorance. They do not feel it necessary to become aware of the truth, but i guarantee that I’m nothing like them.

The Truth:

All I ever wanted was a chance

My life is over and I never even got the opportunity to start it

I just wanted to be a person, a real person

To be able to have a family that I loved

Or to be able to fully love something without hating it

But my head is in all these little pieces, and I can’t do anything to stop it

I tried to reach for help but it seems that what I’ve felt my entire life is true, I’m all alone

  1. jayce 3 years ago

    the strings rust over time, and snap… the only person we truly ever have to rely on is ourselves. typical that forlorn peoples would begin their steps on haggard foundations, inherited by insipid generations may they be… a persons choices and their word are all that they can really cultivate in any meaningful way, when everything else is stripped away… voices are voices, demons are demons, that internal fight never really ends as far as i know, you just know your enemy better every time you come out of it…

    do whatever feels right, i say. were all just strangers in the mist anyway…

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  2. iopsydoc101 3 years ago

    This is one well-written rhetoric. Well, it can be said that you must have faith in your own soul. We do not realize this until and until we get out karmic lessons or when we hit depression really hard. It is very important to know who you are, what you value, and most importantly what you want, what matters to you the most?
    And then guard it by all means. I know life can not be easy. We face challenges every day but count on yourself as your own biggest friend while easing life for others. What goes around comes around and that is nature’s law.

    Do good, expect good. Just a few words of positivity from my side.

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