So guys what do we do when we have been treated so badly that we have no confidence or self esteem left? here i sit all alone and wonder if i should ever try to get involved with anyone ever again. Its 18 months since my heart was ripped from me, broken and trodden on and then handed back with the usual comment of "you'll get over it and find some one else". But i don't feel i can again. The fight has gone and the ability to trust has been torn away. I am nothing but fragile in so many ways. Over emotional to the point of bursting into tears from the most innocent of occurances. Why would i ever go through all of that again? I have had my chances and each one has gone the same way. I have been married twice and been in love so deeply that i was oblivious to the rest of the world.

I had so much and now i have lost everything i ever owned and worked my whole life for. So why should i get back up only to be knocked over again?

Yes i am a negative person but that is because of the way my life has unfolded and collapsed around me. I used to fight and never give in but now? i don't have the energy or the desire. Someone said to me recently that i must be happy to be unhappy. Maybe they were right or maybe its just that i now accept my lot in life and the daily unhappiness is routine that gives me a safety net of things that do not change.

I always wonder if i am alone in my acceptance or if others have accepted that this is the reality and given up fighting too?

Take care all


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