so today i OFFICIALLY met with my lawyer….i had been working this moment up in my head now for several days….out of my PARANOIA i had created a monster of the woman who would be representing me….but it turned out that she was actually ok…..the first thing she told me when i got there was that damein filed for a counter petition against the joint custody for FULL CUSTODY….i knew he was goin to do this….he made reference to it in our hearing….but the lawyer had my copy waiting for me when i arrived…..what KILLS me bout this ASSHOLE that i married is that he is DIGGING HIMSELF DEEPER IN HIS LIES!!! his petition states that he should be awarded custody because "he is the boys PRIMARY CARE GIVER"…THAT "HE HAS HAD PRIMARY PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN FOR APPROXIMATELY THREE YEARS, IS FINACIALLY STABLE, IS ACTIVE  IN THEIR EDUCATION, PROVIDES EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, AND THE CHILDREN HAVE THRIVED WHIEL LIVING WITH THEIR FATHER"

can you fukn BELIEVE this BULLSHIT???? thats what his lawyer said sounds good….oh AND it ALSO states that the children have resided with the father from in or about the end of 2004 to the present…..WTF kind of CRACK is this man smoking????

 so ok….let me look back into MY RECORDS….just for shits and giggles…… last child support case CLOSED on Oct 12 2005…… um…….what kind of MORON is HE for saying that they've lived with him at the END of 2004??? WHO WOULD PAY CHILD SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN THAT LIVE IN THEIR HOME???? (thats IF of course THEY REALLY LIVED IN HIS HOME LIKE HE IS CLAIMING!!!!) so i think he might have gotten CAUGHT IN ONE LIE RIGHT THERE….. then of course there is the HISTORICAL PROFILE that i picked up from the school stating that in 2004 they went to a school that I REGISTERED THEM FOR!!!! (using a family memeber's address so that i could get them in that particular school)  sooo HOW IN FUK WILL HE EXPLAIN THAT ONE???? A SCHOOL THAT HE NEVER STEPPED FOOT INTO!!! but AH HA…he's HAD THE BOYS IN 2004!!!!

if this ASSHOLE is goin to LIE he BETTER MAKE SURE THAT HE CAN BACK UP HIS LIES!!!! i wonder what happens to people who lie on documents and in court….in front of a JUDGE and to their lawyers…..

i mean right now as it stands my lawyer is goin to get in contact with his lawyer to see what kind of negotiation can be worked out….. I KNOW that he ISNT WILLING to negotiate….IVE TRIED!!! so im going to assume that since this asshole is going through ALL THIS TROUBLE…..he WANTS A FIGHT!!! what kills me is his CONFIDENCE!!! he is SO DAMN SURE that he is goin to take these boys from me….BUT IM A MOTHER….AND A MOTHER DOESNT GIVE UP HER CHILDREN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!! i have NO REASON to lie, i KNOW whats BEST for these children and its NOT being with a man who is concerned with a dollar sign!!!!



so yeah, the lawyer pretty much asked me my side of the story and i gave her my reasoning as to WHY i filed….i told her what my living situation was and what it was at his house…..she took her notes….she asked me what i was looking for, i told her that i wanted equality….cause EVEN THOUGH he is SHIT TO ME….i feel that the boys NEED their father in their life….so JOINT custody is what i want…with ME being their primary caregiver….or in other words i would have the joint PHSYICAL part covered… cause i STILL want them the fuk out of the school that they are in….i will give them till the end of this school yr and then THEY ARE OUT!!! i explained how every weekend they come home to me SICK with diarrhea or with some kind of cough…i explained to her how these kids dont remember the last time they've showered when they are here….how their homework is UNACCEPTABLE….the fact that they are sharing a bedroom with their father….while their grandmother and aunts have their OLD room….basically the BULLSHIT that is going on in that home… she took her notes and told me she'd let me know whats the next step….


so im leaving this in GOD'S hands, and im NOT going to take it back…..


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