As much as I hate giving the disclaimer, I will say this includes whining and quite frankly, I know the responses I will get. "Oh you're young," "oh blah blah blah go out with people," "blah blah ask a girl out," "blahblah you have plentyy of time" "blahblah go socialize." Well guess what, I hate those answers, they are ignorant. No one ever talks to me it seems. Once in awhile, sure. But barely anyone goes out of their way to go "HEY ZACK WASSUP" and it sucks. So don't tell me to socialize, I HAVE NO ONE TO SOCIALIZE WITH. Plus, everyone I know thinks I'm INSANE. Plus, don't tell me to ask girls out, that's stupid too. THEY ALWAYS SAY NO. And finally, don't tell me to be more confident. I hate that one the most. I primp up every day and I some days feel like a GOD. Confidence OOZES from me some days, and that doesn't work either. So enough with that. I'm lonely. No matter what I do, I can't have people to be friends with or romantic with. Last girlfriend I had? She told me she dated me because she felt SORRY FOR ME. That's a lie, I know, but still. Chick calls me fat and ugly and say I have no friends. You know what, THERE is my evidence. So, to all who want to say you're young or go hang out, there you go. What is your incredible response to that? If ten years more of living gives you such insight, I'd love to know why the problems of the world aren't solved yet. I'm going to go now and keep being alone wondering how to make myself feel decent. I just want people to talk to IN REAL LIFE. People to CARE, to ask me how I am, and not because they read a post on the internet and feel they need to. I know I'm crazy, but I don't need it shoved in my face.

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  1. Catoptromancy 10 years ago

    Yeesh, Goblin King!


    I get the feeling. I do. Sometimes it seems like my friends are too busy or I'm too busy or…there's nobody. It's easy to say to go out and socialize (bar? lol), but socializing isn't always as easy as it sounds. I try to talk to you here/have called you and you never contact me via phone it seems. You're not fat or ugly…you know I'm shallow and I'd tell you if you were either. You -seem- to have friends…*raises hand*. I know I'm not close by, but that's how it is sometimes. The people we get along with best aren't always the nearest. I care. I always have. I hope you know that. I think what people mean when they say that you're young and have time is that…years haven't been wasted, you know? Technically, you have more time than some of us, I think…and that's why people say it. You've got your career ahead of you…school ahead of you…just…all these places to meet people. Not already established. It's not meant to be rude. I know I've said it before and it's meant to be encouraging. I think you're kind, funny, smart, and gorgeous. I'd date you if I was younger. Sometimes girls that are younger have…I dunno…trouble getting their priorities straight. Not everybody is as ready as you are for a serious relationship. They want to play the field…whether it's a mistake or not. So…all I can say is that I hope you feel better and that things will happen when they're meant to happen. So chin up and take care.

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