(I’m a 17 year old girl)

Today (4/15/20) is my first day on this website which was recommended to me by a crisis chat. I feel so alone and depressed and my medication isn’t working. I need help but I’ve already been to multiple mental hospitals and those didn’t benefit me that much. I know everyone always says “everyone’s beautiful in their own way” but I feel like my sisters outshine me and are much more beautiful and successful than me.
Two things that are keeping me alive right now are my dog and animal crossing. I know it might sound stupid but the animals are really nice and care about you. They always ask me how I’m doing and invite me over.
I truly feel alone. I’m so insecure and sad and overwhelmed that I’m not good enough. I’m extremely emotional and take everything so personally.
Any advice? Thanks for reading this, it means a lot.

  1. maitee 3 years ago

    hey, I know you don’t know me but if you need someone to talk to I’m here for you

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  2. ann1945 3 years ago

    I relate in a crazy weird way. I’m trying something new which is reaching out for help, but really it’s just for me to find a best friend because I don’t have any.

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    • Author
      manicpixiefakeblonde 2 years ago

      this is literally a super late response I’m so sorry I’m not good at this website, but I’m all ears if you wanna talk 🙂

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