Again why do I keep putting up with This . It started last Nite The wife and her niece woke me up about midnite in the kitchen making a bunch of noise and chatting I came out the wife ask me whats a matter Hmmm I wonder I said , its late I am trying to sleep I get up at 5.00 am , I think its kinda rude , her answer what ever ! so This morning I return the favor I got up took my shower made coffee swept the floor, got the kids up so they can ready for school , then I vacuum the floor , let the dogs out Oh the wife gets Up what the hell oH I said not fun to be woke up is it as usual its ok for her but not anyone else same old story her house her standards her rules her kids , again she makes me feel like the handy man I take of the bills fix what ever is broke , If the to manage the kids it’s a problem , but she came Yell and scream and hurt things it’s ok , I feel bad for theses kids I try to show them how to be responsible , I try to teach them manners but mom is always over ruling me the only I am to step in is when she can’t control or fix what is going on the moment !  We don’t talk to each other it ends up in a pissing contest . This women has broke me I use to be able to enjoy life Now I just go though the motions Why do I try so hard to have a home a family , I don’t have a wife or a soul mate . My boys from my first marriage don’t talk to me I believe it’s cause of her they don’t like the Drama with her either I try keep in contact with them but finally gave up I don’t get to see the grand Kids and they lived very close to us . If I died to today or tomorrow I don’t think any one would miss me , I use to like my yard and garden I gave up on that to I just go to work and more work and more . Then I go to the house and more work and work then I try to go to sleep to do it all again .


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