I'm so  tired of this pain in my knee and ankle I could just scream and I think that and crying would really help I'm to that point.  Granted it's not as intense as it was at first but last time this happened in my other knee it was better within a week.  Maybe it's because both of them are messed up cause it's severe tendonitis in the tendon that runs from the heel to the knee and halfway up my thigh.  My shins feel like I've been kicked numerous times.  I keep trying to stay off it but there are times I have to get up and walk and it's just the same excruciating pain.  I've tried ice like they told me and the anti inflammatory they gave me but nothing is helping.  I can't go back to the ER for two reasons they will tell me the same thing they did last time I went and because no one should have to wait 5 hrs to be seen.  This has gotten to be so much I can't even sleep at night because of the pain and I've tried everything from pillows between my knees to propping it up and nothing.  I'm sitting here writing this with tears flowing.  I'm so tired of this.  I need to go see my parents today I need to see for myself how they are feeling cause on the phone they say they are fine and t hey're not but it's gonna be so painful to get out.  I have to though they won't be around much longer so I have to.  I keep dreading when the phone rings and someone telling me they are gone and that call isn't far off unfortunately.  Well thanks for listening to me on my pity pot and crying I just had to write it out hoping it might help.


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