ok so the point of this blog is for me to log how im doing on my new meds and i hope to post atleast once a week so remind me if i dont kk. but im looking for a way to trake my progress and know how things have changed hopfully things go well and ill have some good news in my next post

my situation

so here it goes yesterday i went to the doc finaly and told him about my anxity issues and he put me on celexa.

i finaly spoke up and said somthin i have been dealing with this for a long time i am now 19 and the earlest i remember this is when i was about 10 or 12. i just didnt think it was a big deal or that bad till latly with all the stress ive had and geting ready to start my first year of college. it just got to the point i had to get help so i got medicated and i hop this dose some good. i also finaly made it known to my family and by boyfriend. i didnt want to tell him i was having a problem but i gess its easyer for him 2 know and help me thropu it then try to act like im ok all the time.

befor i looked for help it got to the point i was so anchis that i was pasing throu the house and couldnt sleep i would sit up at night many times and fokes on not crying because that was just such an over welming thing i wanted to cry and didnt know y . i was bitche and was driving not only my family but my self nuts and trying no to show all of this to my boyfriend of 4 1/2 month before i went to the doc.


  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    I'm happy to hear you have taken charge of your health.

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  2. kaykayok 12 years ago

    mine got realy bad when i broke up with my ex feance for cheating on me i went in to a depression for about 6months and when i finaly came out of it i realised how bad i got and that i neded to get this under control. awarness is growing but its also somthing peaople are becoming les ashamed to say thay have. i didnt want anyone 2 know i was having problems for a long time but know i know i need the support to get throu this

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