Let's pretend you are my best friend. Not some callous stranger pushing me at the public place. You see, I've been terrified to blog. No, nothing horrendous has happened. Actually things have been gradually getting better from what it seems despite some very scary setbacks involving the State of CA Dept. of Mental Health and Children Services. Yea, baby, Big Brother is watching you. I have not committed a crime. I am just one mentally and physically ill person whom they decided to pursue "in my best interest."  I have nothing to hide, I've never abused my child, I have a happy and healthy marriage. My daughter is happy and so are we when my depression or other ills don't strike.
But cmon, I've lived with those conditions for most of my life. I know what to do if I ever feel I want to end it which hasn't happened in a long while. Yet, the scrutiny they subjected me and my family is astonishing related to my well-adjusted situation. I have been questioned by 4 various psychiatrists so far. Mosy recently, today I have been interrogated for an hour and a half which ended in the psychologist intrusive "recommendations" of a yet better household, superior to our already existing blissfullness. What's next, my friends? My blood, kidney or body donation to the state? I am very frightened this begins to resemble good ol' Soviet times we escaped 20 years ago.

Though the prison-like experiece from 3 weeks ago brought on by my shriek of frustration with the system has proved to be a good social distruction, I frankly would rather do other things than entertain my co-inmates all common folks with my accumulated medical and life wisdom knowledge. I am not ever claiming I am better than any of them, I am just at a different stage of development. In other words I've been there and done most of what they have, sometimes indirectly. I do not want to be treated in the same manner by the Big Brother Beurocrats, sized to fit those folks. I could probably work as a counselor myself if they could let me. So here goes, my Big Brother reading this post while consuming his early morning coffee. I want to be treated like a fellow human with the consideration of all the tiny nuances of my specific life setup. I do not want to be measured with the same stick. So please allow my unique humanity be free.


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