hi kinda shy and a bit medicated looks around hummm feel like elmer fuddddd opps lol oh good gravy i feel like peppermint paddy lmbo if this is not funny to you prehaps you will bare with me your choice of course…

you peeps om gosh lol did i just say gosh that is all muppets fauilt …. sticking tounge out looking around now feeling like my fav the pink panther oh heavens yes da do dao da do dao lol

still processing what happened to me not able to tell story yet you will all be very proud of your selfs when I tell you things each of you tht have left me messages and songs and laughter

THANK u ehhehehe wow not done all the way yet still some vestages of pain popping up got down and dirty to the core did this inner child healing hey any one know who john bradshaw is just wondering delane is not feeling well please keep her in what ever spiritual traditions or not that you believe in…………..son last son is alive ok well i am breathless right now he is in room sleeping thrrew that other kid out no respect and he was not my son. ok ok i know sparky your all ovah the place please just put me in a circle all of us one big circle we rock and we roll we are well you are my family my friends my "kids" lol NiteRidder i just simply adore you my child tears of joy are welled up in your momma sita bonita lol yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we won a cop slammed me into the floor gaged me and put his knee into my left ear which sucks cause he popped that basterd again ouch took me 5 years to heal a huge purfuration in left eat good news its not totally distroyed so ok i went limp got lucid even made jokes all my favs where not there at the providence mental health center here in rhode island USA he actually said sit still or i am gonna rip your fen head off ok ok ok if anyone is being triggered by this please go share it with your besties here please i have to get this out or i am gonna scream and i am due into a recording studioa reap professional one my youngest son damian is here now mommas all chillax more later k just wanta bs and listen to your music on your pages love doing that be kind to your selfs and one another ehh


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