They say people touch your heart,

But never speak of how they tear it apart,

never of how love feels,

and never how it makes you ill,

ill in the brain and sick of the pain,

stay intoxicated by it too long it’ll drive you insane,

love is a question not a word,

it’s a feeling thats rarely seen and never really heard,

it haunts us in the night while we dream of sweet melodies,

while your partner slips away from your soft symphonies,

they say love is grand and you’ll be saved by a man,

but if i’m being honest i don’t think i can,

i can’t stand your rules,

i can’t take the pain,

love why won’t you go away,

i fall in deep then fall asleep,

and there you are next to someone else not me,

i start the think i’m never enough,

but i set my self on fire smile as it’s burning but try to act tough,

you add gasoline and i swallow it with pride,

slower and slower my heart surely dies,

no one speaks of love as it truely is,

a nightmare of the devils sin,

don’t lie to me oh cupid you see,

you’ve acted really stupid but you can’t fool me,

1000 million relationships not a single one love did show,

and never once did the heart but of the pain did grow,

you won’t fool me now but you fooled me then,

when i was of foolish kin,

but now i’m letting it all sink in,

love is nothing but the devil’s sin,

a lie to be told and sewn into beds,

false advertisements shoved in our heads,

don’t tell me otherwise i’m to afraid to hear it,

so please don’t say i love you don’t even say near it,

They say people touch your heart,

But never speak of how they tear it apart,


  1. deadsoulx 9 months ago

    oh my god oh my god!! this is soo welll writteen!! i can literally cry

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    • Author

      Thank you I’m glad you liked it! I decided to take you up on your offer I’ve decided to gather my best poems and publish em.

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