These past few months has been a month of great steps forward for me. I have been in a rut for well over a year locked away in my house away from the world to anxious to even answer the phone. But I decided i can’t live like this and I need to make changes and get my life back. So I joined a gym and work out twice a week. Even though I can’t really see it when I look in a mirror the scale says I have lost 20lb that is incredible (For me). I took a huge step and reconnected with my step father after 9 years of being estranged. I attended a party, which went really bad for me but I got out and socialized and that was the point. And today I finally picked up that phone and called my girlfriend of 13 years whom I had not spoken to in 8 months because I was to anxious to call her. Turns out she’s moving in with some guy and having a new baby in Sept. Wow I missed so much, we talked for 2h…then the phone died oops should have charged it first. Now the only thing left on my plate is the dilemma of reconnecting with an old friend I was fighting with or not? I figure that I might call him but I still need to work up the nerve. I mean what do you say after 3 years. "Hay how are you doing since the last time I yelled at you?"  Hmmmm should probably think this out a little more. Besides that I think I have made some good changes for the better. All of which were difficult and scary at first but once you leap with both feet and land on the other side I realized hay that was far worse in my head then it turned out to actually be. Go figure. So here is to continuing to push forward.

God give me the strength to do what I need to and the courage to make it happen.


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