I pulled myself together and went to class and for a few minutes, it looked like I had done so for no good reason. Apparently today was left open just for working on our projects and neither of my partners were present.

I decided to sit around for a few minutes and it's a good thing that I did – one of them showed up about 5 minutes late. The other never showed at all…and he wasn't actually at two other classes I have with him either, the lecture portion of this class and Media Law last night.

We got a good bit done but I'm irritated. If this guy is just skipping, I'm gonna be pissed. The thing is, the partner that showed seems very laid back, very non-combative. So if I want to speak up, I'd basically have to make myself out to be a dirty rat unless I just said, "Hey, I wanted to let you know that partner B isn't working and if you do anything about it, is there any chance that you could say, 'I noticed you haven't been present as much…' so I don't get blamed for the resulting damage?" >.>

I just don't like this guy…he's a slacker, he's cocky, he's selfish, and he's a cheater…

Having said that, I got to thinking about that weird dream of mine and I think it ties in with all this. I'm the one that gets pissed. You don't show up to work, I get mad. Other people keep quiet. I am temperamental, I don't like being messed with and sometimes my anger overtakes my fear and I can't help but do something like call security on my rowdy neighbors or cry foul in class. I think this makes a lot of people hate me…and I can feel it.

So last night I had this dream where, even though I had taken down my whiteboard, I still kept getting nasty notes taped on my door anyways. I also remember, very strongly, getting one loooooonnng piece of paper signed by dozens of students indicating that they all wish for me to leave. We're talking Santa's Naughty/Nice List-style here.

Meh, I'm just gotta keep pushing. I have to cash a check, I should do that now before I starve to death. =/


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