Yesterday I "celebrated" turning 39.  It seems like just yesterday I was 25 and free of depression.  I wish I could fix the depression.  I am sick of taking my medication for being depressed, anemic, and having stomach problems only to find out from my doctor yesterday that I have vertigo.  I guess it is common, but they want me to take more, yes more, medication.  Ugh!  I am requesting that they try physical therapy to help me deal with the vertigo instead.   I am so tired and worn out lately along with the dizzy spells and naciousness, I wonder what in the world could possibly happen next.

My oldest is in physical therapy for a back injury and she is only 13 years old.  She got it playing soccer and desperately wants to get back out on the field and play.  My mom has an infection in her jaw and has to go to an oral surgeon.  She keeps putting it off and her face is all swollen.  My husband is being my rock.  I pray that he can keep holding on.  I broke my wedding ring.  It cracked on the back side of the band and the jewelers wanted way to much to fix it.  They saw me coming and said she is a sucker and we can charge her as much as we want and she will pay it just to get this thing fixed.  They were right.  Now I am dealing with someone who did a job and took advantage of me too.  What next.  I am going to go and get out my bible and pray.  I haven't been very good about praying lately.  Maybe that is where I have went wrong.  I wish I was 25 again, but yet, i do not want to go through all of this again either (the last 14 years).  Praying to be smarter before I "celebrate" my 40th.


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