i am just so low rite now. dont know wot to do. i feel so very let down. i want so much to stop hurting, but this awful feeling wont go away. i just cant cope any more. my husband is loading everything on me. i know hes stressed and iv tried my hardest to support him, times are hard and hes doing a job he hates.but there so much to sort out i just cant do it all, im crumbling and i can feel myself slipping into the pit, but he wont give not even a little. we have big dept probems, they just sort of spirled its managable but nev hasnt sorted it and its all in such a muddle i cant do it, but im the one at home getting 30 calls a day from the card companies, i burst into tears twice yesterday on the phone to them i was just sobbing and saying heres nothing i can do but the calls dont stop. they do silent calls where you cant even disconnect them, so they tie the line up. its all so ditressing. we are trying to sort it and its not like wev been irresponsible, the dept just built up as i wastoo ill to work for a year and then nev lost his job, and the jobs hes got now pays half what he was on. i literally begged nev to take a couple of days off so we could sort it and he did his usual thing just ignored me then he starts mocking me saying is all my fault that im mental then he agrees to stay home and sort it  and then he goes into work anyway. last nite i begged hime to call the doctor get me sectioned any thing to stop the stress and the pain but he wouldnt. the house is a state loads of  things broken i just cant do it all. nev finishes work friday the same day as the kids and hes planning to sort everything then which will mean the kids will end up neglected, or eles hel try to get out of sorting everything and wel end up rowing either way the kids will end up suffering. we had such a rotten xmas last year  as nev lost his job 2 weeks b4 xmas then got this job he hates then we both came down with flu but nev couldnt take any time off. last year the dr wanted me in hospital as i was so ill with ploarusie but i couldnt go in as there was nobody to have the kids. so i just suffered and i think this year going the same. im so run down. it feel like i make all the sacrafices, nev goes to work goes to the gym does hiss kick boxing and im left to play the marter, and wen i say no i cant do it nev says im mental or just ignores me. i think im getting flu again which isnt helping, my eyes are raw my head is pounding and im so so bloody exhousted im so useless i justneed th strength to sort everything out


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