So I've been stressing over a tournament me and my brother are supposed to do with Tim and Kandice. She asked me and I said yes, but that was like a month ago and neither of them has talked about it so I wondered if we were still going to do it. It's going to be held Saturday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I had to know now. I've been trying to text kandice, but I think something is up since she hasn't answered any of my texts for a couple months now. So I knew I had to call her and I was freakin out, I hate phones most of all, even face to face conversations are easier than having to call someone. I wouldn't even call my last girlfriend, no wait, I did call her once when we were picking her up, but that was it.


I was going to do it this morning, but pussied out and decided to do it when we were bowling since I knew we were going bowling today. I again pussied out and couldn't bring myself to call her!!! When we were driving away from the alley I just called her and it wasn't scary once I was talking to her. It sounded like they both forgot all about it, but wanted to do it.


I'm trying right now to reserve a spot for the tournament and emailed the alley where it's being held. On the back it's kind of confusing and I guess we need to verify our averages to take place in the tournament so I may have to go down and get average verification from the league we bowl in. I had to ask them if what they put is correct because the cap for the averages, if I read it right, is 405 and thats ridiculously low when you consider I average around 600.


I'm gonna go work on another boat I'm building. It's another little puddle duck (google them if you want free plans to make a cool little boat. They have a great community of boat builders building these things) and it has the lower class legal freeboard and that's going to make it interesting to sail


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