As this Labor Day Weekend comes to a close….there is one memory I will never forget.

Years ago, my mom and I decided to attend a Jazz festival downtown. As we drove to the center, I pointed out a gay bar which a couple of guys were setting up a grill. I mentioned to my mom, they usually make and give out free food on Sunday afternoons…it's always been that way.


We attended the Jazz festival but the food and the drinks were damn expensive! $4 for one hot dog and $6 for a glass of beer?! Geez, for $6 I could buy a six pack! BUT we stayed there and enjoyed the music. We were there for about two hours when my mom mentioned she was hungry….as was I, then I mentioned and reminded her about the free food that was being prepared at the gay bar we had passed by. Needless to say, she agreed to go.


We arrived….the place was festive! Now, keep in mind, my mom is a fag hag….and I mean that in the kindest way. She absolutely LOVES the gay life. She is like the mom from 'Queer As Folk', if you do not know about that show~ google it…and that's my mom for ya. Well, when we arrived, my mom and I had several drinks, plus some shots, yup ~ my mom was able to do shots like no one's business! We ate some grilled stakes, talked with stangers…then I noticed a poster. There was a foam party happening at another gay bar. I had never been to a foam party and neither had my mom….weeeelll, I told her we had to go!


Before that, the bar had kareoke. And to my surprise…along with the couple of drinks….my mom wanted to sing! Huh? Realy? Oh yea, the alcohol was most definately talking. I didn't think she would actually do it…but…to my surprise….

To make a long story short, she sang 'Time Warp' from Rocky Horror Picture Show. She was horrible! But the what was so surreal, was that the worse she sounded, the more everyone cheered and I was there cheering her along with everyone else. Afterwards, we had several free drinks…well, to be honest, my mom had the free drinks, I just happend to be there with her as guys approached us stating how cute and wonderful she was. I absolutely loved this. My mom was happy and enjoying every moment.


Fast Forward: I took my mom to the foam party. And it was GREAT! Now, I admit, we had some more drinks when we arrived at the bar but when we walked onto the floor with the foam surrounding us…it was a BLAST! We were dancing, laughing and we shook the foam away from our face but it kept building up around us. The music was wonderful and we kept dancing as the foam kept rising further above our heads. The memory of my mom being engulfed in foam as she is dancing, is one of the most happiest memories I will never forget.


After all this, I never thought I would live to say 'I partied with my mom at a foam party in a gay club'. Yet….I'm happy to say I'm able to make that statement.


Well, when we walked out of that bar ~ we were wet and cold BUT I can truly say it was one of the most wonderful and exhelerating experiences I have ever had with my mom.


Just a memory I wanted to share….

  1. damitjanet 12 years ago

    What a wonderful memory! Sounds like  it was a blast!

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  2. toddha 12 years ago

     You are very lucky. My mom wouldn't have set foot in a gay bar, much less eat there, or go to a foam party. Difference in attitude, I suppose. We didn't speak for a decade after I came out, and when she became old and frail, and needed help, I decided that I wouldn't allow her passing to eat away at me, so I went and spent the last six months of her life with her. It gave us an opportunity to mend most of the fences that had been broken. Not all, mind you, but most, and while it was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life, it was also one that I cherish the most, having the opportunity to say what I needed to say, and hear what she had to say. It allowed her to go in peace, and allowed me to let her go. I'm so happy that you have such a good relationship with your mom. T

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