Ever really wished people could read your mind?

Lets just say, for the whole of today I have wished my heart out that my mum could just read my mind.

Really wanted to talk to some one, but didn't know how to start the conversation?

Yes… all of today.

My family stress me out way too much, first my father makes a breif apperence and I get my heart broken. Then I get all worked up about seeing my nanna at my cousins birthday and then get greatly dissapointed to find that for one none of the family had the love to show up for his 21st and not enough love to even show up to say hi to me after 5+years of not seeing me. Now my grandad has pulled himself into the picture which is GREAT he was my father growing up, here is a little of what he said, bought a tear to my eye lol

"First you were like a 5th child to me I would always be happy to see you.
Secondly I can understand why you would have felt nervous your last
impression would have been a cranky grandfather trying to get you to go
to school.
If you go back before that I have 12 years of wonderful memories of you
growing up in my household..
You are welcome to contact me if you feel you are ready.
I will buy lunch or you can come to the house whatever you think you
would be comfortable with"

But then the thing i need to talk about is in a prior email he told me that he sent an 18th birthday card to my place of employment that I had left the christmas before my 18th, the thing is NO ONE knew I worked there except mum n friends n my mums parents, mums parents have never told nanna or grandad anything about our life as they respect its not their place, my friends had never met that side of the family and knew everything about it so i had trust in that and also my workplace, my accounts manager knew my problems and i specifically asked if any one ever called for me and it wasnt my mum or customers to take a message for me and ill decide on whether to call back, also it was an audio visual company and my grandad owns a reticulation company so the companies never crossed wires and my company never crossed with work types of other family members as it mainly dealt with schools, universities, training centres ect…

So they did not find anything out that way, next thing… mum always suspected that nanna and/or grandad were capable of hiring an investigator to find out where i was or to check up on me or something, I never thought they would untill last night. I ruled out every way they could have found out I worked there, it was a family owned company, not big just a group of 7 of us running it, my name is no way linked to the company on websites or anything, never has been still isn't, I had never told any one i didnt know where i worked (or lived, that whole safety thing) I did a google search on my name and myspace, facebook and a patition showed up (lol), as my real name is highly unusual. Like i have exhausted every possible way they could have knowen I worked there, then i went to surrounding businesses in the area, all much the same, small businesses, the only business chain on that block is Langtress (lmao) a brothel, so now i am thinking mum could possibly be right, grandad has the money and nanna has the coniving/vindictiveness to come up with that idea. Then mum said cause grandad was in the defence forces, some/alot of people who retire go on to work for the government (police, hospital ect…) I havnt been to hospital so that rules that one out, but police on the other hand (i wasn't bad or anything) but they have been to my house many times and i have filed reports due to break ins into my house, and once mums car was stolen, they did finger print thingy's on it and only came up with mine n mums… assholes stole my shoes and make up bag… i was sooo dissapointed lol but any way, my name is in police files, so mum was saying maybe grandad contacted one of his old mates that moved to the police force and got them to try and find something and mum believe that to be highly possible cause an old friend of hers had done the same thing so she could re connect with my mum again, so basically its been proven to me that it's possible. oh and they couldnt have traced me through mum cause she used Taylor as a last name (her mums maiden name) being so popular nothing could lead to mum, it would be a very loooooooooooong process.

But whats bothering me… good intention or not is that IS a vialation of my privacy, if they knew where i worked god knows what else they know, I do feel vialated and angry and mum doesnt think I should be… well too bad I am!!!

Do you's agree?


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