I did the travel league Sunday. It was fun and I like seeing different parts of the state and you get to see a lot of it because there are Bowling alleys everywhere. In the league you bowl 6 games. You bowl 2 games each team and bowl 3 teams for a total of 6 games. It's kind of lake a laid back tournament and you get to play on different patterns. In bowling you can oil the lanes in different patterns and that can make it a lot harder to bowl when you start learning to actually play the game.


I might bowl a tournament with Tim, one of my teammates in the Saturday morning league and the travel league. I bowl with him and his girlfriend, Kandice. She's nice and I like her. Tim is quiet like me and Kandice is usually the one that does all the talking, but he's a nice guy and I like him too.


Everybody has a car now. All the kids are getting nice new cars and I'm stuck with nuffin! My mom says "if you want a car get a job". None of the kids bought their own cars! She tells me all the time how her parents were so cheap they only bought her a new Honda when she was a kid. A Honda? Those bastards!

I'm just being a dick tho, I know I need to get a job…sigh. It's so simple…get job…get car. Oh and I'm only scared as hell of every person on the face of the earth!

"Remember: you must deal with animals on a basis of what they will do rather than upon a basis of what they can do. Given a bit of experience, it quickly becomes obvious just what an animal will do in response to a given situation;patterns of behavior that are seldom changed."–Arthur Jones


I love Arthur Jones. His life seemed to consist of animals, sex all around the world, filming and designing and building Nautilus exercise machines. Oh, and pissing a lot of people off. Son of a bitch died this year, was as old as dirt and looked as much. He may be one of the coolest people in history that you've never heard about. I highly recommend his autobiography


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