No this is not the hit song by Lil' Wayne and Bruno Mars. This is a poem I wrote during one of my periods of sadness.

Mirror on the Wall

Silently proceeding, I feel my heart bleeding.

Why do you tear through me, why can’t you just let me be?

Words stab my flesh and carve into me more lies.

How your tongue stings like knives.

Do you know how often I wish that my last breath was soon?

So that I might fly over the moon.

Soaring with condemned angels through stars and nighttime air.

I guess life isn’t always fair.

I stare at you one more time before I decide to make a stand.

The mirror shatters and I see glass and blood on my hand.

A slow smile and I realize that I’m crying.

Maybe there is something better than dying.

The pain is a rush, it makes me shudder from the harmful touch.

I fall to the ground with eyes closed.

Serenity and bliss, for a moment I’m fine.

Why does it make me happy when the blood shed is mine?

For a second I’m in the land of make believe when suddenly I’m forced back into reality.

The glass isn’t enough, I need the razors to feel love.

Red over pale skin and I feel it begin.

I hear the echoes of laughter and I lay down in defeat.

Broken and lonely I’m nothing, with my heart taken to the streets.

Faces and colors just blur together.

Is this what I’ll see forever?

Looking at you I see nothing but scars.

I guess we don’t really know who we are.

But I know who you are well.

You’re my shadow that’s following me to hell.


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