I feel like sucha failure..

I had the perfect opportunity to tell my parents about everything, and I blew it..

I thought for a second things were getting better.. But I guess not..

I don't even deserve to explain what ruined my day.. Everyone told me to just suck it up and do it..

I don't know what's keeping me from doing it.. I have the words, I know how to stay calm and explain it, but I don't know what I'm missing..

And I have the anger for it too..

Our parents spent a hundred dollars on groceries for us.. And my sister is letting that idiot guy eat our food. That is just soooo disrespectful to our parents.. They spent all that money for us, knowing that they don't have the most money right now.. Things are tight and it's like my sister just takes it for granted.. The food she's giving him could have saved us from getting more groceries soon..

Why do I even bother to complain when I can't even find the f*cking guts to fix anything..?

I need to get out of this apartment, but we have a snow storm going on right now, so I can't go anywhere, and even if there wasn't snow, I have no friends to be with..

I need a savior.. I need to do homework.. I need to say something to my parents..

I'm sick of being scared to say something.. I seriously don't know why I can't..

I want to watch tv for the rest of the day, just to take my mind off of things.. But I have to go shower.. And as soon as I leave, I won't be able to watch tv anymore because it's in the living room, and my sister and her idiot want to watch a movie and play a game he got, in the living room..

They asked if I wanted to watch the movie with them, but I hate the douchebag (please excuse my language). Why would I watch the movie with them like we're some type of happy family?

I chose to ignore them when they asked. Rude? Probably, but I don't owe them any answers, or respect.

Things have to change..


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