Well I already had had a talk with my daughter about going out and not spending enough time with her son..staying out all night on a date and not letting me know she is ok, she resisted that statement telling me she's 30 yrs old she doesn't need to check in like a little child and I said hold it right there !!!

You are 30yrs old and you should know by now that your son needs you more than your friends or going out!  You do need to call me or text me and let me know you won't be home so I don't worry and I will be able to get a hold of you in case something happens!  When I ask you to do this stuff I expect it from you and if you don't give me the respect due me in asking you this then find another babysitter who doesn't live with you who will charge you for watching your son someone he doesn't know or like or you can do as I ask and know he's safe,  know he's loved and played with and know he will go to bed feeling safe with me here!!

she was off all day yesterday and playing with her son and the day was going well she even told me where they were going, it wasn't until they were going but she told me.  I was happy with it but then they come home and all of a sudden she's out here telling her son to give her kisses she has to go.  I asked where she was going and she told me and I told her what about my days off when you are home and should be putting your son to bed?  I don't get a day off because you take advantage of me.

She's off again today so we'll  see what she thinks she's gonna do today…it sounds like I'm talking about a teenager doesn't it??  I wish but she's 30yrs old and a mother, she needs to start acting her age and take care of her responsibilities.

I've had enough and when I'm able I'm going to move out but financially I can't so I'm stuck here just wishing I had my own place then she'd be stuck and  have to be a mom, the right kind of mom.

thanks for listening to me rant….

  1. Anthem2004 11 years ago

    I agree so much with you.  I'm lucky that my daughter is a grate mom but she has so many activities that she is often gone but she doesnt take advantage of me caus her boys are old enough to pretty much take care of themselves.

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  2. diamondyne 11 years ago

    I understand that feeling very well and you aren't the only one having the same problem. I had seen alot of mothers who become their grandchildren's babysitter. I may not relate to you since I am young for my age but I understand having such a situation. The reason your a mother is because you should be one and its never an excuse to pass the responsibility to someone else. In the end though she is going to sit there later in life asking the question about his son "Where was I when you where growing up?", 'Why can't I understand You" and those sorts of dilemma. I can pretty sum my experience as my mother never had much time for me and I ended up being annoying in her eyes when i was in my teens but i calmed downed now. The hard thing about raising children according to many people is that they grow too fast.

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