Hi i just wanna say this because i need to get it off my chest I am depressed and it hurts when i see people happy that once made me happy and it hurts to see the way people look at each other that is something i will never have and that hurts and most people around me always act like its all fine i smile on the outside but when no ones looking i cry and wanna die but no matter what i will always want to cry on the inside all i want is to be happy and not have to deal with all the pain 

  1. pdonohue 2 years ago

    Dear davis.k.a.87,
    Your pain is real…so is your instinct to reach out. That’s good. Naming what you are feeling is an important step. I live with depression too. It sounds like you have not found the people you need in your life yet. I saw this recently: “Choose people who: Choose you; Ask who you are; See you; Let you be you: Feel good to your nervous system; You can breathe easily around; You don’t need to perform for; Are good for your mental health; Want to see you win: Don’t try to control you.” – Sasha Tozzi

    I try to spend as much time as possible with positive people – especially when I am feeling down. I get outside, I do something creative, or clean out a closet, or write in my gratitude journal. I am grateful you wrote what you were honestly feeling today. It made me feel less alone.

    Your happiness is out there. Be well.

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  2. deadsoulx 2 years ago

    i can relate this and tell you that my situation is the exact samE!! you have to act fake to… to…. idk , to live? this is unfair life , we cant help but just fight it – and move along with it. </3

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