today I went out and picked up the last few things I’ll need to take away with me on Sunday. I had to call into the unemployment office and sort out what was going to happen while interstate. That took a while. I wasn’t actually planning on going in, but I thought at the last minute that it might be a good idea. I’m glad I did as if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have got paid next week.

I didn’t hear back from my probation officer. I’m not going to follow this up with her. As far as i’m concernd this means that i’m ok to leave. If I get a call from here saying that I’ve breached my probation there is a posibility that a warrant for my arrest, and if that is the case i probably wont come back to Tasmania. The other posibility that i breach my probation and I’ll get cautioned or something. I actually thing seems as I have given all the details to my probation officer she won’t breach me, but I guess i’ll just have to wait and see what happens there. You never know I might end up going to jail. I know I wouldn’t survive that.. there is no point worring about it right now. I want to be able to relax on this trip and thats what I plan to do. Probably not the best philosophy, i mean doing what I thought was "right" in the moment didn’t work out so well, i mean that got me in this mess of being on probation and such.

The moon is really big in the sky tonight. It looks amazing. It has a yellow tinge to it too. The cheesy moon as my sister calls it. I wish I had a telescope as It would be perfect to star gaze tonight. My sister has a small one, but I would love a big one. One that I would be able to see alot further. I have always wanted one. I love astronomy, infact I have this large book (about a metre high or 3 or so feet) and it has these beautiful pictures of the universe and planets. I love it. I would love to get some of the pictures out of it and get them framed. I think that would look amazing.

I did some cleaning last last night. I think it was around 1am till about 230. Did my room. Its still not perfect, but at least alot of the clutter is removed. I woke mum up doing it. I didn’t mean to. oops. At one point I will have to remove all the empty liquor bottles from my hiding places. Thats going to be tricky.

Ohh thats another thing, one of my cousins, who is 19 is living over there with his little baby and his missus and they drink a bit, so i’m looking forward having a few drinks with them. I havn’t met my little baby cousin yet. She was only a week or so old when they left for south australia so i’m really looking forward to that.

I got really excited in the small shopping centre today! There was a poster saying that the 3rd season of Dexter will be out 20th of August! It hasn’t even been shown on tv yet! I’ll soo be getting that when it comes out. I’ll be in south australia during this time, so maybe i’ll be able to get it while over there and get it for a lil cheaper. My sister thought I was being stupid, cause she hates the show. She was more excited about Merlin coming out on DVD, little does she know that mum has acutally got that for her birthday next week! She was also excited about NCIS, and again we have got that for her for her birthday, along with some old Get Smart series. I got the first two series for my birthday, and when she started watching it she loved it! fancy a 13 (almost 14) year old girl being right into the old Get Smart!. What can i say, she has great taste.

So all in all, been an ok day. Little frusturated over the probation thing, and i’m trying to not let it worry me too much.


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