WOOHOO I just changed my dating status to \'dating\'….oooooo

This year is going to be BIG….HUGE for me.  Majority of last year I was sick with colds etc. partly because I was working with children and partly because I ran myself into the ground with the amount I was doing.  This year, work load wise, I\'m taken on more.  With a relationship on the sidelines I decided a few days ago to offload some of my work. 

I\'ve been talking to people for the last few days about taking work off me so I may only work one day a fortnight in daycare. 

As for my dancing school, this year is going to be emotional.  I have decided that this year will indeed be the last.  Why?  people move on, things change, enrolments are well down and my pizzazz for the dancing school is no longer there.  It\'s sad, but time.  I need all the support I can get this year.  I\'ve been dancing for 22 years and had my dancing school for 8 years this year.  It was my dream to make it to 10 years, but I just don\'t think we will get there and to be super honest it is a stress I\'m looking forward not having.  The arguements with my mum, the crazy mothers in term 4, the costumes not being done, the organisation of the concert.  It\'s time!

Uni- I\'m taking on an overload of subjects…5 instead of 4, so I can start Psychology.  The way I\'ve been feeling the last few days I\'ve been reconsidering this and doing my new course for Psychology over summer.  With dancing and a relationship and uni….I want to make sacrifices to make a relationship work.

Cleansed yet Haley?  LMAO….anything else I can pour onto you all.  

To be perfectly honest I have no idea how I feel right now, but I feel at peace.  I don\'t feel stressed or angry or confused, I feel peaceful.  I\'m happy go lucky.

Thanks guys!!  You\'re WONDERFUL!! 


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