For the love of God….It\'s to early for this bullshit, especially on ZERO amount of sleep… (Though, I\'m used to the no sleep part…)

Anyway, So this morning- literally just a moment ago- Parents start fighting AGAIN, and with my luck my brother is at school missing this and I\'m stuck dealing with it, because I\'m staying home from school today.

But here\'s what irritates me- This huge ass fight was about a Pen….A-FUCKING-PEN!

Already, I knew by the tone of their voices a fight was breaking out, and this got my anxiety high, and in my head I was like "God, he didn\'t just say that\' or "Here we go again…knew she was gonna do that"

and so on…Honestly….This coming week we have the full week off for Thanksgiving, Luckily my father (Honestly he doesn\'t feel like one, Maybe I should just call him by his first name…) only has Thursday and Friday off..

Honestly, When we go to Marie\'s for thanksgiving I wish we\'d just leave dad home or something…

Anyway that part is in the future, yet causing alot of anxiety and stress. but back to today…as you can see I\'m staying home…and I\'m just over today already…and to make matters worse, Tomorrow I have to go see my GYN again…

Ngh, So much happening this week, and my brother seems to be able to skip all of it, leaving me to deal with it, When I already feel like Breathing is going to be the end of me.

Does that even make sense? I don\'t know if what I even say makes sense, Or if it just proves how crazy I really am, and feel.

Anyway, Just wanted to write this down since it just happened…None-the-less, I\'m glad their BOTH gone for work now and what not….The only ones I can trust in this \'family\' are my doggies…

Trying not to give into my urge to self-harm…But I usually end up giving into it anyway…So, I don\'t know if i\'ll be able to not end up doing that…

Ugh..Well I\'ll \'see\' everyone later, Hope you all have a good morning….or atleast better then mine, and a good rest of the day…I\'ll probably post another entry later…

Alright. Later then…


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