Beeen on DT a few days now, wow, what a place to be

I feel so tired today, i went to visit my brothers near windswor, it’s so very peacefull here, but i havent been sleeping well and am feeling very exhausted.

I keep checking my pohne for a text from my ex, but It’s starting to become a futile excercise, as she hasnt been sending any, she wants to be on her own, alhtough its our house, i dont think i want to be there anymore, i miss her so much and would have lived in a box, it does get me down, but it kinda works in phases, i suppsoe depression is like that.

Now and then she will text if i come to mind, but i reply and try to be nice knowing that i value her freindship very much and that we will need time apart while we get over the realtionship status.

My brother and family have just gone out to the local village to go shops, im here on my own, but its very peacefull.

Im just getting very involved in DT site now, as it’s a hive of activity and with interesting people, i expanded my profile today with the veiw that people might want to know more about me, as ive been intersted in other people in the chat room from time to time.  Im trulyy amazed at how many people read my comment in the forum. It seems that people are really interested in other peoples lives and care, the comments that came back where so wonderfull and inspiring, it really has put my faith back into people. I must confess, i have read a few comments in the forum, we are so not alone in our despair, this is so good for me its untrue.

I never thought in a million years I would find the most genuine people on a web site such as DT, it seems that when people are feeling low, there very true good nature starts to flourish, i truly allways beleived everyone had a possitive side, they just dont show it enough, this place just reaffirms my beleifs.

Thanks for reading this, hope you are well.



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