So, my mother has finally moved in her amazing boyfriend and he is now staying with us… permenately…. That was a little redundant but oh well… He quite literally just moved in yesterday and I must say that it is a little weird have a 'father figure' within this household again. I don't like it. I think I would much rather her just abandon me every other weekend (ignoring me on the other weekends) than have a sleepwalking alcoholic living within my house… But hey! At least his kids are NOT in the picture!! I know that's a little mean seems as how they become NOT in the picture but I just really do NOT like them!

So I'm a bit sketchy on the whole 'I lost my kids to their mom' situation seems how no one will tell me but I have my suspicions and my mom said that I was not far off (granted I did not tell her my suspicions). So here are my suspicions (and the whole story): So a couple weeks ago my mother comes home because of something with her boyfriend. At first I thought it was because they had a fight although I was like, that's crazy they never fight. Having stopped that idea another day or two passes by and then CPS comes knocking on the door when I got home from school and my mother was at work. I could tell it was CPS so I opened the door wondering what in the Hell was CPS doing here… agian… So she talks to me a bit and hands me a paper telling me to tell my mother to call her right away. I say okay, thank you and close (and lock) the door. I call my mother and she asks for the number still not giving away any of the dets. Well, when I look at the paper the title was abuse and neglect of children. WOW! That's when my suspicions were kind of proven right then and there. My suspicions are that (since he is an acoholic) he got REALLY drunk that night and one, or all, of the kids pissed him off. He probably hit them since he was indulging in the liquid courage and all hell more than likely broke loose. No one has yet to tell me the details but whatever. I guess I don't need to know everything! hehe…

I am feeling really good though despite the fact that my journal/diary is missing along with my Ipod. Despite the fact that I haven't gotten proper sleep since a couple days ago and Despite the fact that I'm bombed with homework. I'm quite amazed at how good I feel even with everything against me.


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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

     Don't blame you for not wanting this guy around.  Who needs trouble like that.  Sorry you're having trouble sleeping, that's always a trigger for me to get stressed depressed and anxious.  How old are you?

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