are you one of those people for whom nothing in life ever works out ??- well join the club

– i certainly am – no friends – family waste of space – always the one no one wanted in the team – worked hard all my life for what ? who cares ?- who gives a crap ?? – found the love of my life – the one woman who understood me – loved me for me and whom i worshiped  – had a small stroke – lost my job –  then lost my wife of only a couple of years to cancer – no one cares – doctors – bloody useless – councilors full of s**t – – lonely – very depressed – drugs don’t help – just existing – i used to be a person – but now i just go through the motions of each day

also disabled – a "non " person – no one wants to employ me – others moan and say get a job – get out – socialise – find new friends – you will feel better in time – every one full of BS  and more interested in their own lives

i spent 20 + years as a fire fighter – saving and helping others – for what i may as well have been a selfish B and not bothered – does any one care ?? – not a jot – even ex colleagues – glad to see me go- because i demanded the job was done properly – and did it properly

spend my days alone – yea sure everyone sympathetic to your face – but really could not give a damn

sound familiar any of this ?? well welcome to my world –  roll on death – for this is all i have to look forward to – but i cant go till the pets have passed as i promised the wife i would care for them

then may be we will have the time we should have had – and the gods decided we could not have – or knowing my luck – i wont be wanted in either place and will just have to spend eternity alone – pining for the love of my life

the universe hates me – and i hate it !!


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