we have been through so much,

ups and downs,

you made me smile,

but you also made me cry,

you would brighten up my day by texting me,

you would also ruin it when you didnt reply,

you wanted me and i wanted you,

but you always seem to find it in some other girl,

sometimes you would make me feel so invinsible,

other times you made me feel like a piece of dirt,

i sit back and think about everything we have done,

and to be honest sometimes i miss it,

just having you to hold me and kiss me,

but i dont miss having you treat me like shit,

or ignoring me,

but i miss when you would say that you loved me,

im pretty sure you have moved on now,

and it seems you only talk to me when you have no one elseto talk to,

it breaks my heart that you know how much i care,

and to know you dont care anymore,

so this is me,

moving on and saying fuck you,

but also saying i will miss you,

im making you just another person in my life,

your not going to be a priority anymore,

since you dont seem to care,

this is me saying,

yeah i will still think of you,

and will probably miss everything,

yeah i will probably still have dreams about you,

and just think of the past,

but im moving on,

and your not holding me back anymore,

so finally im going to say,

"fuck you even though i love you!",





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