Now that it's my senior year, I've learned an important lesson:

School faculty is twisted.

I have a teacher that is unqualified. Gave her the chance. Got a little fed up. So I voiced my opinion, got help from a parent.

And what does she do? She goes to the counselor, calls me out of class for a three-person meeting of her, me, and that counselor, and corners me.

Basically, it's a message and a warning that I'm outnumbered and crawling towards thin ice. The counselor? She told me I should "know my place."

Excuse me? Whenever did it become a crime in America to want to improve your education? To fight against the hiring of unqualified teachers who lie to save their own butts, who grade on a tipped scale, and who don't keep track of anything they say or don't say?

I'm so shocked that anyone affiliated with education told me to "know my place." That is the most ignorant idea ever. The school is beating me into complacency. Into their form of a lady. Into another victim too ignorant to step out.

I'm sorry, but if I see something that's unjust, I want to fix it.

And I'm still suprised the counselor and teacher didn't respect my opinion or words at all. They did catch me at a more worse time, when I was too exhausted to battle back. But they still didn't see any use in what I was saying.

I'm an AP student. I get straight A's. I don't get tardies. I don't cause trouble. I participate in after school things. And I'm almost an adult.

Stop treating me like I'm a 13 year old miscreant.

I'm tired. I'm sorry, the messages will be replied to the next time I log on.

I don't know if it's just my imagination, but might be feeling a spike of depression seeping back in, but it's much too soon to tell. Right now, I just have to keep myself busy to ignore it C:

I do have reasonable means to my protests against this teacher, but it's a very long, collected list and slightly complicated.

Adieu, you.


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