I don't work and being controlled by my doctors.
I live with a seizure disorder.
Legally blind in one eye due to complications from glaucoma.
I suffer from severe depression, anxiety and a mood disorder.
I also have OCD. I'm 20 lbs underweight for a gentleman.
But I get plenty of exercise and eat ok.
Have some piercings and tattoos to make up for it,
and my favorite colors are black and blue.
It's like watching a conveyor belt on an assembly line
with product moving a high speed then every once and awhile
the product explodes randomly and wildly
for some unknown reason causing damage
to the surroundings. Maybe thats just how i see it.
Thats a simple form to describe my seizures,
other than the pain and numbness,
the cold tin like headache feeling and the confusion.
I take things slow and have for many years now.
I read about technology past and present and listen to music.
but not much of a Tv fan still, though still channel surf now and again.
I like to dress simple,
and I am not a billboard for others to get rich off of.
So you can say my attire is plain.
I like to ride my bicycles. I'm not pro, and not all fit and proper.
I'm a Desktop IT/Machinist with a background in construction,
who has ridden bikes all his life.
Yes I can built an entire bike from the ground up,
including lacing the rims and hubs and trueing them up.
I've owned and ridden Fixies, Single Speeds, Cruisers.
My current bikes or are generic road bike
and a old heavy dual suspension mountain bike.
I ride because can not drive and now is my only transportation.
I ride all winter long, all summer long, no matter the conditions
and yes out there all the time grocery shopping
with my homemade bike trailer
and running errands, Dr's appointments and such.
I don't count carbs and a measure everything.
Life is too complicated as it is.
I know I average about 100 miles a week or did,
If you hungry for some basic facts.
Thats all for transportation purposes,
never mind when I'm bored,
and just feel like going for a ride.
I have disabilities that sometimes completely stop me from doing so.
All I know I love to paint, design and built them, as well as ride them and take pictures of and on them.
I love mother nature and the outdoors
No matter what I love my two wheels.


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