HI everyone I have been going to my counselor and she recommended I ride a horse to help me heal. I found the farm and it is a safe hobbie to have. I looked into the lessons and they are private.  My sister wants to join me also now since we did this when we were little together. I listen to all types of music. Right now my brother recommneded Cold Play. I was watching the news to much. I have arthritis in my left knee so I am in a lot of pain. I just started a new job I work for a Solar Company from home that I found on my own also. I am trying to remain positive especially with Covid happening and that my father has cancer.

  1. trustmeiprobablyexist 2 months ago

    It’s great that you’re seeing a therapist! Just remember to not use horse riding or music as a crutch, and to not cut yourself off. I really hope things look up for you! I’m in a sorta similar situation with my grandmother. Just know that eventually things will be better.

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  2. revdrgeraldjolseskijr 1 month ago

    Glad to here that.
    Music can be very hellpful.

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  3. Author
    ladylaurenstars 1 month ago

    I just got a bike also to try and ride. When I was in physical therapy I road one there for just 15 min a day.

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