So I need advice, I haven’t been on here for a long time so I’m hoping I’m posting this in the right place.  I’m a lesbian, 21 years old & I have been having a really hard time with something.  Idk why but I have a very strong nurse fantasy.  I’ve had it for years & then when I met my ex & told her about it, she didn’t think it was weird at all.  She liked it & played into my fantasy a couple of times.  After we broke up the fantasy didn’t really come up much & I figured that since I had lived it out it would go away.  I’ve been broken up with her for about a year & a half now & the fantasy is just as strong again as it was before I had met her.  I’m always having fantasies of having a physical by a hot female nurse or doctor & I know that fantasies are normal but I just feel like it’s out of hand.  It’s in my head constantly sometimes & i’ll think about it all day.  I’ll read fictions stories & watch normal educational videos of people getting physicals or i’ll watch porn but the porn isn’t ever very realistic.  I don’t like the slutty nurse outfits either, I love the scrubs.  I have even been this desperate feeling as to want to go to my doctors office just to get a random physical.  The thing is though I don’t get turned on at the real doctors, I like it though but I’m not getting turned on.  I did when it was with my ex but that’s because it was in her room & she was my girlfriend.  I’m just wanting to know people’s opinions on this. Am I weirdo? Because I definitely feel wrong, I just feel like it’s not normal to be thinking about this this much.

  1. jayce 5 years ago

    you seem desperate for an answer so ill give you one, you might not like it, it might not be what you were looking for, as everyone wants to be told something specific the other cant possible know. youre not a weirdo, people have developed fetishes and fantasies contemporary with the era. its why ankles were fetish-ized for a time, im not sure of the actual term for it, but think of it this way, with your example. slutty nurse outfits dont do it for you cause theyre not realistic, like you said. its not whats seen, its the context of it, which is why its more exciting for little boys to peak up a skirt than it is to look at a naked person on the internet, to use a metaphor.
    its more exciting for you to “peak up the skirt” of a pair of scrubs than it is something intentional provocative, its the unwitting provocateur that makes it exciting.
    of course thats jut my opinion, and could be way off base. you mentioned that real doctors dont do it for you, but your girlfriend, for whatever reason, did. could be that youre not comfortable being intimate with strangers, even despite your fantasy, and you would much rather dress up someone you actually have feeling for. which would be normal to me. little girls and boys play house and doctor all the time, non-nefariously. why is it so crazy to assume we still dont like to roleplay? but with more adult scenarios.
    youre thinking about it lots though you said, more than you seem to be comfortable with. i honestly dont know what to say about that other than young people have high libidos. but its bothering you. maybe you havent lived it out enough? being that few times? fetishes sometimes have deeper meaning in a person psyche, im sure you know. could it be that you enjoy it when people take care of you? and now that your alone there is no one to do that, not in the way you want? thus its getting stronger, and “out of hand”, like you say?
    thats my two cents anyway, maybe it will get the conversation started for others to jump in

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  2. jayce 5 years ago

    ur welcome

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