I am so sick of saying yes when i mean no. It causes me huge stress. It makes me angry and i end up being annoyed and not feeling like I am doing a good deed. I mean shoot i got bills to pay, kids to handle, life, work, MY CAR is actin a fool! You would think at 35 i would know how to say no! I just have such a hard time! HELP! Thank god for therapy tomorrow coz i got this time off to take care of me, and what do you wanna bet that when i am down and out those i said yes to when i meant no are not there for me.

Come on ppl, if ya ask someone to take ya grocery shopping, offer them some gas money, dont know about you all but it is 3.25 a gallon here and my car is runnin rich as TEXAS! Then after getting taken shopping, someone waitin for you, hurry the fuck up! Dont buy pizza by the slice for yourself and not offer to get someone else and their kids some! SHOOT! I didnt want any but the fact i was not even considered made me want some. And then oh yeah when ya get home and the drivers 11 and 13 year old sons carry all your groceries up your flight of stairs at least thank them, shit give them a soda or a buck!

What the hell is wrong with ppl?

BETS MUST SAY NO or get taken advantage of! I am to sweet for my own good! But then I think karma, and yet when i am down and out and need just a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen…really who has my back?? Usually my friends that dont call on me for every damn thing…usually the ones who give and take, not the takers, not the energy suckin vamps! Nope!


OK rant rant rant…..all in all not saying NO causes anxiety and it freaks me out!


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