🌼Hi Everyone!

I hope that you having a lovely and productive day!

How are you feeling today?

Are you worried about anything?

Do you have anything that you are looking forward to later this afternoon or evening?

My day started at 6:30 a.m. and so far the following has been achieved .. (so far)

Wiped down surfaces in the  bathrooms (2)

unloaded dishwasher

loaded dishwasher

showered, got dressed, and got ready (face and hair) for day

washed a load of clothes

washed a comforter

took 7 o clock vitamins

fed the 3 pet fish

gained more knowledge in psychology research

filled up the dogs water dish

cleared off clothes from the indoor clothes line

put clean clothes away

found items to donate

made a list of things I could possibly do today

made up bed beautifully

lit scented candles

shined and disinfected kitchen sink

warmed up and ate a bowl of homemade vegetable and bean soup

Straightened pillows in living on couches

opened curtains

took 10 o clock vitamins

hung up colorful lantern style lights above (in basement) washer and dryer (creating cheerful laundry vibes!)

decorated my phone case and art and crafted a custom phone pop socket from a basic one

painted a small tray to put remote controls on (perfect fit)

let dogs out

let dogs in

gathered clothes hangers from around the house

Drank water

had a snack

put some items in the right place

made a small tidy stack of book that I am going to read next on dresser by a lamp

noticed the wind softy blowing the beautiful fall leaves 🍁  from the trees (trees are swaying softly back and forth)

made dinner

Figured out why one of the fish tank filters wasn’t  filtering / found solution / taken care of now

Thanks for reading the what I did today list!

I hope that you feel safe, loved and healthy this afternoon and always!








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  1. red442 2 months ago

    That is great you got to do all that. I hope I can find time to do some good things like that too, god knows I need to

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