I remember joining DT on Dec 12, 2012, for the first time. I was surprised at what they offered the individual member and members on a whole. I actually had a page that I could call my own, decorate how I chose, and have others view it.

I don't change my page often once I get it the way I want to express the kind of individual I am, hoping that those who view it might catch some small glimpse into my heart and soul.

Your page is an "individual" creation, perhaps a work of art. For me, I spent a total of about 30 hours choosing items, trying items, viewing my page to see if it fit who I am.

I have one close friend who sent me comments each time I added something new to give me constructive criticism. Then I had another friend who sent a note that she liked what I had done so far. Then my other friend said, it's coming along nicely.

I appreciated the comments from my friends. But coming along nicely means it hasn't been completed. This caused me to feel inadequate, and to question my creativity. It also provoked me to think I had to continue trying to incorporate more in a way to suit someone else.

The one category I have always had difficulty with is "Dislikes." Maybe it is because I can't find enough to express who I truly feel about people, places, things, and most importantly the state of this world right now.

For those of you who remember the movie "Regarding Henry," his secretary was filling his cup with coffee and said…say when, when it's enough.

So I'm saying "when" for right now untl the place I'm in right now changes.

I am reminded that I don't have to be a people pleaser, I only have to please myself by knowing if what I have done is enough and that I've given it my best effort.

I'm not normally a "blogger," but I'm in a spot right now in my life where I think it's helpful to release some unwanted energy.

Thanks in advance for reading this.


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