Well, hello people.

Hope you aren't just here because you saw my profile pic on the home page and wanted to hear what the hippy had to say

First of all, i'll make an attempt at rudimentary grammar & spelling but to be honest, i have never seen the higher points of english as an essential skill required in my life, i will never be in an area where it is required 🙂 but please excuse any faux pas i make, ok? lol

Secondly, those who have chatted with me on this site over the year or so i've been here will know what sort of a person i am & my views on many of these issues so it shouldn't be anything new to them but i also feel some things need to be said, even if it is only MY point of view on the subject.

Where to start? I am a joker when i am here, i try to lighten the mood around me because i know how beneficial laughter can be, i know this can cause conflict when i do it without fully considering the exact situation i am in but i never mean to be offensive or dismissive of anyones feelings or thoughts, if i am trying to be either of those things, i will inform you and leave nothing to misinterpret, ok? I also highly value the relationships i have formed through this site, even though you guys/gals aren't 'real' friends by societies standards you have been more 'real' than most of my so-called friends i have met in real life, having said that, everyone needs to realise a disagreement isn't the end of a relationship, life would be boring if everyone agreed on everything so no point in throwing away a (even online) relationship built through weeks, months or years of dialogue at the first real argument/fight.

Things are said in the heat of the moment all the time, the true mark of a persons character is being able to see things from other peoples point of view, and even if you don't agree at least see where their logic is formed, realise you were, or both of you, were heated at the time. I know words can cut deeper than knives but the beauty is some words can also heal better than the best medical care ever could.

I am actually finding writing this blog is a uplifting experience and as such i spose i should change the title, but i won't because that was given beforehand. And i only said 'probably' lol.

Most of my experience with the Tribe has come via chat, that's where i hang out and meet people, i finally found a chat room that for the most part is a place where you can talk to people without petty crap coming up and ruining actual conversations and i think more people need to realise these things and cherish them for what they are.

I had a lot more to say when i began writing this but the thoughts have evaporated, the overriding message i wanted to get through in this was to love your fellow Tribe members, don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, not trying to lame blame, this is a generalisation i think a lot of people could benefeit from. Or i am just bein myself, and should stick with what i know lol being the clown and making people smile in chatAnd don't love the people you don't like, but don't antagonise them either.

Anyways, before i start making even less sense i suppose i should make a move, everyone take care

And feel free to comment or say hi 😀

  1. Ghostgirl 9 years ago

    I don't believe I've ever spoken to you before so hello! 🙂

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  2. tammyleafs 9 years ago

    thank tehy, u improved my day with this


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  3. snowdreamer 9 years ago

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, you've lifted my day…

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