This is my first blog, here on OCD Tribe, as I only joined the tribe last night…

This week will be a long one. I've got 2 finals to finish, plus a presentation. Friday I'll be making my own pinhole camera for my History of Photography class, which should be fun but slightly obnoxious.


For a couple of days I've been hoping to drive to Atlanta on Saturday to meet with the owner of one of my favorite clothing websites who is looking for fans to photograph for the site…However, my boyfriend just found out (they just decided on it last night) that his band has a show on the same day. Bummer. I was kind of excited to go to Atlanta; though I was feeling super anxious about it, I didn't realize how much I wanted to go until I found out I couldn't. I mean, I could, but I couldn't handle driving 5 hours to a huge city I've never been to by myself. I've thought about finding a friend who lives there since another branch of my college is there, but not much luck so far. I'm excited for my boyfriend, Evan, though. He says there's a big chance there will be label scouts there, and they might get picked up, so it's probably more important I go to the show and photograph than go to Atlanta and fantasize. I've got to admit, there was that one "ouch" moment, when Evan announced that they got the show on the same day of my gig. I don't mind skipping out on my plans, but what hurts is that I'm sacrificing something I've been waiting for, for something he does all the time. But who knows what'll happen…Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.


All this stuff is happening at an awful time. I'm over-stressed about finals, and over-anxiouse about going back home for a couple weeks, and not being with Evan. Beh. My brain hurts.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    My brain would hurt too, after all of that.

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  2. tpmnight 11 years ago

    Hope all goes well when you get home. Welcome to the Tribe!

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