I’m at a loss for words right now

I don’t know what to say

Before we know it our lives will change

And maybe that’s okay

Our happy life reduced to days

The days reduced to moments

And I wouldn’t have it any other way

Sometimes it is the little things that make my day

The small chats or a bright and happy smile

Those are the things worth while

The friends we have today

Sadly most will fade away

Who knows maybe that’s okay

The pain we feel today may fade with the years

But who am I to speak I’m just a broken teenager

And even though I’m broken I’m still here

Guys look around

Look at all the faces

Remember them well

Soon we will go to different places

Some of us will do big things

And maybe change the world

Others stay small town hero’s who want more

We live in a world where everything is wrong or maybe nothing is right

As you see I’ve written a lot

And I’m calling it a night

Don’t worry I’ll be back

Tomorrow after the morning light

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  1. civilsouvenir 2 years ago

    That’s incredibly written. And I’m feeling you man…. Couldn’t be realer.

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