The other night I had this really (something) dream, kinda cool & kinda scary at the same time, I very rarely have detailed dreams. Ok so im this dream me and two other people (dont know who ther were) were driving around (me in the passanger seat) we went to drive into the city and to get to the city you need to cross the Swan river, But instead of a normal bridge it was kind of futuristic, like heaps of bridges crossing the river and all kinds like one floated on the water, and the rest were all hilly and curvey, so we started driving up one of the hilly bridges and I look down and the floating bridge just starts falling apart and crumbling undern the cars and we start to panic a little, on the bridge we were on there was a big petrol tanker infron of us and it starts loosing controll and the rear trailor is swaying from side to side just missing our car and the person who was driving wanted to go faster for some reason and i was getting sooo frustrated telling her to stop the car, then all of a sudden I was driving and decided to drive the car off the bridge to land on the main road under it, It worked, we lived (some how) and we thought we were safe pulled up at the lights waiting for it to turn green then the petrol tanker comes flying out of the sky and lands in the middle of the intersection, I chuck a tight Uie at the lights to head in the other direction and then all these big building start crumbling and catching on fire and all these people are running and jumping out of buildings and for some odd reason I felt sooo safe in the car, which is odd I always feel uneasy in cars and if this shit ever really happened, I would want out!!! any way… then my dream took a little detour and I was at a video shop and then some guy from the video shop decided to tag along, then we got back on track, we drove past the city and it was all rubble, looked like a war zone. I decided I wanted to go home to see if I still had a house, I got there and everything was burning and crumbling, could hardly see a thing it was covered in black smoke and I ran inside and then back out and realised "shit where's mum?" i remember i started tearing up and thats when I woke up. 

It was kind of like an end of the world dream, it was really interesting cause I always wondered what I would do if any of that kind of stuff in the movies actually happened.


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