Word spreads fast. Finally, it's good word, and it's spreading around my work.

So earlier today I blogged about my financial situation. I haven't really been eating as well as I could, but it's been a typical teenager-diet consisting of Ramen, frozen foods, and junk food (soda, chips… soda). I get a free meal at work everyday I work, so there's a meal ticket I can look forward to. It's not that bad; not exactly good, I know, but it's not bad.

I don't let people at work know about my troubles at home 'cause it's personal stuff I'm sure they wouldn't be interested in. So when I went into the office to ask my manager if I could have a taco 'cause I hadn't eaten in  nearly a whole day, I felt awful but he was so understanding he let me have two and let me take home a few chalupas. Unfortunately, Emma overheard my situation and she gave me $2 and DEMANDED I go get myself something to eat. I tried to give the money back but she jammed it in my pocket and pushed me out the door before I could try again.

Anyways, I was feeling down about not being able to afford college and it showed at work. Heather and Monse asked me what was wrong and I told them about college and that I was planning on cutting back on get food for two or so weeks to save money, and Heather said for me to talk with her once my table gotten their food. I dropped the table's food and Heather, Monse, and Raymond were sitting in the back waiting for me. They told me about a ton of financial aid sites, offered me their old text books; they said there was no way they were going to let financial issues get in the way of me getting an education.

I told them the FASFA thing wasn't going to kick in for a few months IF I even got the money, and, Gaia bless them, they said they would help me pay my expenses out of pocket. I told them there's NO way I'd let them waste their money on me and they told me otherwise. Heather was willing to put in $100 for a class, Raymond was willing to help pay for books, and Monse said she'd give me her books and help pay tuition too. They told me they would see if anyone else would like to help me and they told me I didn't have a choice in the matter. "We're like a family," Heather told me. "We're a messed-up dysfunctional family, but we always take care of each other."

I started tearing up over how incredibly kind and awesome they were being before Monse and Raymond went back to their tables. Heather told me not to cry (remember, she's a no-nonsense kind of lady) and then she brought up the subject of my diet; I thought she was gonna punch me in the face.  o.o Her exact wording was: "Now what the hell is this I hear about you living off Ramen? I KNOW you're not actually only eating Ramen 24/7, riiiiight? Right?" Emma told her about my eating situation as well, and they both told me that NO ONE at work should go hungry. Heather said I just have to tell the floor manager/store manager about my situation and they'll be nice enough to let me eat during work. If not, then tell her and she'll get me food. If not her, then go to the back and talk to the head chef and he'll get me something. To prove this statement true, she disappeared for a moment and came back with a meal for me. She made me eat it. I kid you not, she blocked my way out and made me eat the meal before I could go. 

I kinda started crying at that point. It's so weird that people are being this kind to me. I always give others as much as I could and I hardly get anything in return, so I never expect it. It's so weird to have people this nice to me. They're offering to help me pay for college! They're letting me get extra food! It's… strange. I don't know how I feel about it. I'm grateful but I feel bad that I'm extra treatment just because I can't take care of myself as well as others can. —- Speak-of-the-devil, Emma just texted me. "Don't worry about anything. You deserve this more than you believe you do."

……. People are nice to me. How will I ever pay them back?

~Uniquely Sara


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