Name: Skot

DOB: 3/27/86

Birthplace: rock hill, sc 

Current location: work

Eye color: hazel

Hair Color: black

Height: 6'1

Heritage: Deutsch

Piercings: Used to have five.  Two 10 gauges in each ear and a 12 in my lip 

Tattoos: five

Favorite: Band/Singer: right now, Hatebreed 

Song: Defeatist, by Hatebreed.  "You and I will never be the same." 

Genre of Music: punk (real punk.  not that Hot Topic crap), hatecore, RAC.    

Color(s): white.  the presence of all colours 

TV show(s):  Kill your television 

Movie(s): Shawshank Redemption; Fight Club; American History X; Tommy Boy 

Food: Nothing beats good ol' PB&J

favorite Store: wal*mart;; 

Drink: water

Clothing Brand: don't care.

Shoe Brand: doc marten 

Animal: he was a great drummer 

Pizza topping: anything but pork.  i'm not jewish by any means… i just don't dig pork on pizza. 

Season: all of them.  spring brings new hope; summer has the best of both worlds.  the sun and the breeze; fall is colourful; winter marks the time i found my true love. 

Winter Month: ehh….. 

Holiday: None of them.  They're all ludicrous. 

Flower: depends on the occasion 

Sunny or rainy: sunny

Chocolate or vanilla: neapolitan

Fruit or veggie: both are nice

Night or day: day

Sour or sweet: neutral

Love or money: Definitely love

Phone or in person: in-person

Poor & happy or rich & miserable: middle class and comfortable 

Coffee or tea: coffee in the morning; tea any other time 

Hot or cold: lukewarm

Your: Goal for this year: get out of debt

Most missed memory: being in the embrace of my lover 

Best physical feature: i'm told it's the eyes and butt

First thought waking up: "oi……"

Do you wanna get married: I am in April 2010 

Do you wanna have kids: We plan on having 2.  maybe 3. 

If so, how many: *read above* 

Do you wanna go to college: it would help if i went back… 

What do you want to be: a school superintendant

Do You: Dance in the rain: yup

Smoke: occasionally

Drink: too much 

Shower daily: i miss a day every now and again *shrug* i'm not perfect.  just always have my mind wandering. 

Like thunderstorms: yes

Curse: yes

Sing: yup

Play an instrument: several

Think you are good looking: i'm not ugly 

Get along with your parents: yup

Can you whistle: no =( 

Right or left handed: Right

Your bedtime: whenever I fall asleep.  usually 2 am. 

Biggest fear: nothing.  i'll die when i die. 

3 things you can't live without: my fiance, my guitars, my family 

Color of your room: white

Siblings: 3.  all older 

Middle name: Skot

Pets: a black cat 

Nicknames:  KupKaKe 

For or against gay marriage: i don't care.  it's not my problem. 

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be:  In Italy with my lover.  (she's in the Navy) 

Do you wear contacts/glasses: i'm technically required to.  but i dont 

Are you afraid of the dark: not at all.


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